Saturday, July 30, 2005

Stripping almost done

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Well we have finally stripped all the windows and started on the door trim. I know I said that we should have the trim done last week, well I lied. So hopefully we can finish it this weekend. Basically the stripping is done, we just need to start sanding down the wood.

On our trims we have lots of detail and areas where a regular orbital sander will not fit. So we went to our local HD and found one of these:

This detail sander made our job alot easier and it shows. We haven't sanded the top yet

This is what the windows look like before we sand it.

Do you like the ladder? It's one of those Little Giant rip offs from Lowes. It works very well, but is a bit heavy.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Window Stripping

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Here are some pictures of me stripping the hundreds of layers of paint off the windows. As I said yesterday, I am using Soygel.

Here is the after picture.

And here Lita is applying more gel to the rest of the windows. Hopefully we can have all the windows stripped by the weekend.

A question to anyone, where can I find denatured alcohol, so that I can get rid of the rest of the first layer of paint or whatever it is that is left?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

We're Backkkkkkk

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Sorry about the lay off from posting. Been busy at work with an audit coming up, that plus this is Florida and it's been raining like crazy. If not raining than its 90+ degrees, not including humidity. Anyways I received my Soygel and decided to give it a try.

We have 4 windows in our master bedroom, all with 5-7 layers of paint on it. So far we have tried some paint stripper from Home Depot, a heatgun, and my version of the Silent Paint Remover. None have worked that well, so we decided that Soygel was next. We started off slabbing on thick layers of Soygel on the windows with a brush. Then covering the gel with plastic wrap so that it would not dry. I got this idea from another person who tried out Soygel.

After applying the gel I was told to leave it over night and than start stripping. So we decided to wait 2 days instead.

Well today we went to the house and saw that the paint had bubbled. We took off the plastic wrap, I took my scraper and plunged it into the paint. Without too much effort the paint just oozed off, leaving behind bare wood or what seemed to be the 1st layer of paint ever put on. This stuff was great! No bad smell, it doesn't burn on your skin and it worked like advertised. Now there were some parts of the paint that was tough to take off, but I blamed that on not covering the area good enough with the Soygel. So far we have stripped about 3 windows and hopefully I can finish the last one by the end of this week.

I don't have any pictures right now, but will get some if I remember to bring my camera. One thing that I learned is that I should use some denatured alcohol and a steel wool to scrub the wood and get the rest of the residue off. I will have to look at Home Depot tomorrow and see if they have any.

But overall I am happy about the Soygel, it does get really gooey when stripping and sticks everywhere, but it is worth it. Now if they could lower the price of the stuff, than I would be really happy.

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