Thursday, October 27, 2005

Experiment with Peel Away

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Well in the recent post, I wrote about buying a product called Peel Away. I wanted to try this out, because so many people raved about how well it worked. So yesterday I put a pretty thick coat on part of my siding and on the top part of my columns to see how well it would work. Just for everyone's knowledge, I bought Peal Away 1, it was much cheaper.

Anyways, after giving it 24 hrs to "cure" I decided to give it the big pull. Regardless of it's name you don't actually peal away the paint. When I tried pealing the paper, only the paper came off, so I had to help the paint off with the included scraper. The paint did come off, but not all the layers. I was left with a green paint layer that was real hard and did not wat to come off. I don't know if this if some kind of super hard paint or what, but it was near impossible trying to take it off. I had to hammer at it just to chip off the paint. So I decided to leave it there and take pictures instead.

This is what is left over after "peeling" off the paper, I don't know what it is, but it's hard to get off.

Here is the top part of my columns. I just hope the paint comes off on this one.

Oh I just added these pictures to show you our new heating system in our house. Sad isn't it? Good thing that we are getting our new system in tomorrow. Yippee!!!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Long time no blog

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Well it's been awhile since I last posted anything. And since then, not much has happened to the house. I live in Florida, so it has been raining and gloomy, now it's cold - so that just makes you want to be more lazy. But I do have some news. First I went to Dogtoberfest about 2 weekends ago, which is a Halloween party for dogs. There they had a costume contest, needless to say we represented our Sprinfield neighborhood well, we won 1st place!!!! Woohoo.

Now onto the house, I recently bought some Peel Away from Ebay and received it yesterday sitting in front of my house. I haven't tried it yet, but am planning to try it on my pillars later today. I will have to post pics of the before and after later. Also, I bought a grinder (and a heavy duty mask) to finish off the sanding of my exterior. After the painter, Enoch, debacle I decided I could do a better job. Even though I am afraid of heights I am willing to try it out. Hopefully I don't ruin all of my brain cells doing this! But I plan to do a little at a time and sand the parts that are already stripped. Then I can prime the exposed areas and slowly work my way up. Well I will post some more pictures as I progress, hopefully I can finish something by this weekend.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Cops and Robbers

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While me and Lita were enjoying a good show of Prisonbreak, we looked out the window to see a upclose episode of the show. Looks like one of our nice neighbors were doing something that the police didn't like.

In case your wondering, I never found out what happened. Oh the mystery in Springfield.
Also, we found Charlie's real family and his named happened to be Koda.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Poop be gone

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Well after plunging, dranoing, and snaking I finally gave up and called a plumber (actually I had to stop because I broke my snake). The plumber guy, A.J., came out and went to work. He snaked through the bathtub, but got his snake jammed on something. So he had to go outside and go through my drain pipe with his snakes bigger brother, his name is Big Mutha Fu**er. As so he says. Well he opened up the drain pipe and put that sucker in there and when he pulled it out, a big piece of tree root came out too. Turn on the bathtub and it drains like perfect! Yippee!!!! So now I have a unclogged drain and I have poo stains on my bathtub. Oh well.

Oh by the way, you know how people always say plumber crack, well they were right.

Here is A.J. using Big Mutha Fu**er

Here is the culprit root.

And here is plumber crack, maybe that's where those darn roots come from

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