Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Painted Subfloor

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I've been working on the downstairs room for my wife, so that she can finally have her craft room to make all her etsy stuff. The problem I have been having is what to do with the floors. I had to rip out the original heart pine floors that were there because they were all rotten. I put a plywood subfloor on top of the original long plank subfloors, but then found out that any flooring I put on top would not match the height of the adjacent rooms floor. My only solution was that I would just have to put a threshold that would go from the higher height to the lower height of the original floors until I saw this.

These are a couple pictures from Twice Remembered and she came up with a great solution. Just paint the subfloor!! What a great idea, and why did I never think about that. So I am going to email my wife and tell her if she likes this idea. I think she won't mind as anything is better than nothing. Although I was wondering if I should caulk the seems between the boards or would they contract and expand with the weather and push any filler out?

Monday, September 14, 2009

Squirrel vs. Hawk

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As I was leaving the house today I got to see Round 1 of Squirrel vs. Hawk. I took these pictures and you can see the hawk sitting on the telephone wire with the squirrel pirched on top of the telephone pole. They sat like that for a few minutes then the squirrel made a break for it. Lucky for him he survived, but you never know what will happen in round 2.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

33,000 Gallons!!!

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Recently I checked my utility bill to see how much I have to pay. Normally I don't really look at the usage, just the amount because it is usually the same amount. I was shocked when I saw my bill was near $500. When I checked the usage I saw that my utility company JEA said I had used 33,000 gallons of water! I called them up and said that it had to be a mistake because with that much water I would surely have see it somewhere. Their response was "Sir, did you have any people come over during the month that may have taken showers?" I had to laugh because first no one had ever come to my house and second why would I let anyone take 33,000 gallons worth of a shower. Anyways I told them, "No" and asked for someone to come out and check the water meter again. That day when I came home I had a note on my door saying the 'waterman' had come by and say that there was a leak at the water meter and he had fixed it. He also said that the bill would be adjusted. Whewwww, that was a relief, of course trying to get the money back from them was another story as they would not give me a credit until the second month after to make sure there were no more leaks.

Friday, September 04, 2009

Now this is a Green Home

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Anyone think they have a 'green' home? Read this article. 80% of the materials he uses to make these homes are salvaged from other construction or things he finds on the side of the road. Now this guy is thinking green. He also does it for a good cause, he makes them for low income families. Someone give this guy an award.

Restoration on 7th