Friday, July 03, 2009

Yard Sale = Epic FAIL

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Have you ever had one of those great ideas and have it turn out to be an epic fail? Well this weekend looks to be one of those days. My wife and I decided to get rid of our storage unit to save money for our soon to be baby and to save money. So I brought most of the stuff to the house earlier this week. But with all these boxes taking up space, what do we do? YARD SALE! So we decided to have one this weekend, starting today. So from 7-12 we had our first yard sale. We took everything out and set all up, bought signs and lemonade and sweet tea. Woke up early this morning and sat outside waiting for the droves of people to come our way. One hour goes by, ok that's fine it's real early, I'm sure they will come in a little bit. Two hours, maybe I should check the signs and see if they fell down. I go and check and see they are still up. Ok, finally in the third hour someone comes by. It's a neighborhood kid and he buys a M&M mug for $.50. Woohoo!!! our first sale. Now I knew this was the start of a good day. 12:00 comes by and I check to see how much we made. $6.50.... yep that's right $6.50. The dang signs cost more than that, not too mention not one person drank lemonade or sweet tea. Of course only 3 people came by anyways. EPIC FAIL! I know it was just the first day, but I figured I would make more than $1.30 per hour. Crap I think children in sweat shops make more than that. Oh well, just wondering if anyone else has had any similar stories.

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