Friday, April 23, 2010

Audrey is 3 months old now!

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Well I've been pretty busy since Audrey came along so I didn't have time to post this on the 19th, but Audrey is now officially 3 months old! Woohoo! She is getting bigger and bigger and now I need to do some arm curls just so I can pick her up in her carseat. She is whopping 12 lbs 13 oz now. Anyways daddy just wants to say HAPPY 3 MONTHS!! Also next week will be Audrey's 100th day, which in Korea is a very big celebration. So we will be going to New York to celebrate with the whole family. Sadily no one has yet to see her yet, but grandma and grandpa will be happy... finally.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Saving Money

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Well, we recently sold our beloved Mercedes Benz C230 to Carmax. It was tough, but it was part of our plan to reduce debt and save money. With the money we got back we were able to pay off our other car and use whatever was left to pay other debts we have. See since having a baby our plan is to pay off all of our debt and be debt free, so that my wife can be a stay at home mom. So that means no more Mickey D's, more eating at home, no more shopping for clothes at department stores and more shopping for clothes at discount places or thrift shops. I guess in a way it's a good thing. We end up riding our bike to work more or walking home and eating right. Of course this also means that our dogs can't have their favorite treats as much anymore either.

We figure by selling our car that it should save us about $800 a month, which of course will be offset by the daycare for our baby while my wife still works, but it is worth it for my little bugger. Ain't she cute?

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Getting ready for cherry blooms

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Well last year at the 'Annual Flowering Tree Sale', I bought a redbud and yoshino cherry tree to plant in our front yard. Now for basics our front yard probably gets the most sun even though it is facing north. The south side of our house, which is normally the side with the most sun, is occupied by 3 large oak trees, a walnut tree, 2 palms, and a mulberry tree. So you can see that we get barely enough sun to grow weeds and such. The trees only cost $10 and they  usually have a whole assortment of different trees. I made sure to grab these two as they have nice pink and white flowers and don't grow as tall. I planted the redbud in our front yard and the yoshino cherry on the city owned area between the street and sidewalk. Unfortunately for the redbud we also happened to travel to Indonesia a month or two after planting and when we came back it was dead. But the cherry tree was still going strong. Now it's been planted there for over a year and finally after the cold winter we had, it looks like it will bloom. We also replaced the redbud with a Meyer's Lemon tree and hope to harvest a bunch of lemons later on to make some lemonade and cake. Anyways here are some pictures of the buds forming and about to bloom. This should be nice. Too bad the rest of our yard looks like trash.


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