Wednesday, June 24, 2009


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Just saw Transformers 2 at 12:01 this morning and thought it was awesome. Not much of a storyline, but action was jam packed. If you still play with your toys then go watch it.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Nail House

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Never heard of the term 'nail house'? Me neither until I saw this post and then I knew exactly what nail houses were. If you have watched the Disney movie Up, then you will know. But anyways this is a pretty cool article on a few nail houses and how owners are unwilling to give up their homes to developers.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Great Sunflower Project

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Well this is my second year participating in the great sunflower project. This is an organization trying to revitalize the dwindling bee population. Evidently the bee population is declining and without bees or other pollinators we would see a drastic change in the food we eat in the future. So if you sign up with the Great Sunflower Project, they will send you a packet of sunflower seeds for you to plant, so that you can observe and report on the bees. I believe that for this year they are all out, but just remember their site and apply for next year. Anyways here are our plants in action.
Here they are when they first started out.
Here they are now. I probably have about 10 of them around this height, these are the tallest at about 3 feet. The others are around 1 to 2 feet.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Outside Faucet also = CRAPPY!!!

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Well today I went outside in the morning planning on fixing a leaky outside faucet we have had for a couple years now. So I tried to tighten the top nut, which didn't work. So I tried to screw the top screw down further, that didn't work. So now my option was to take the whole faucet off and replace it with a new one. So I made the trip to Lowes but a replacement faucet and came back home. Sounds like a simple take off and replace situation. Everything was going well I put some tape around the thread and started screwing the faucet back on. About halfway through it got real tight, just like you would expect. So I got my handy dandy wrench and started tightening it some more. I got to the point where it was getting a bit too tight, when the one sound you didn't want to hear was heard.... snap! Why did I have to try to tighten this mother any further. Now I had to go back buy a replacement adapter that I snapped and also buy the pvc glue and cleaner because now I have to do plumbing work. So I have now put the faucet back together with the brand new faucet and pipe adapter, but now I am afraid to turn it on, thinking that I will have geiser if I do. Does anyone know the appropriate wait time for the pvc glue to dry? Anyways I hope it worked. Oh yea it is also raining as you can see in the last picture.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Textured Walls = Crappy

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I love old house. Do you? I'm sure you do, but there is one thing I do hate about them.... previous owners. More specifically previous owners that quickly tried to redo the house in efforts of making a quick sale. And the one thing I hate that they do, is textured walls. And not only that but texturing everything in sight because they didn't have the fortitude to tape any of the trim or anything.
This is my upstairs hall, but basically every room was like this as well. I don't know what kind of great idea this was but I wish I could get a Delorean and go back in time and punch them in the face when they thought of this idea. Looks like long nights of scraping and sanding ahead for me.

I hate rain!

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Well it has started to rain again and looks like it will be raining til at least next Tuesday. On top of that 2 leaks started again. One by the closed off back chimney and the other from the bathroom vent about 5 feet from it. Both leaks floow the chimney and vent pipe all the way to the first flow. Luckily no drywall is on the ceilings in those rooms right now, so there is no ceiling damage but I need to remedy this situation as soon as possible. my roofs are probably about 20 years old, but I have no budget to do a reroof so I will have to call someone to come out and fix the leaks.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Free Root Beer Float at Sonics (if you live by one)

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I just got an email saying that there is free Root Beer Floats at all Sonics drive ins. But they only have it during 8pm to midnight tonight only. If you live by one I would say go get a free float! If you don't believe me go to Sonics and see for yourself.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Wife Heart NKOTB

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If you haven't heard New Kids on the Block came back. I know I know, who? But this is my wife's most favorite musical group band singers ever. When she first heard they were coming back she almost fell over in joy, so of course I had to get her some concert tickets and not just regular tickets I got her some meet-n-greet ones. These are the tickets where you get to meet the group backstage before the concert and then you get a ticket somewhere in the first 10 rows. I got her meet n greet tickets to the Atlanta and Orlando shows, plus the out of the blue Tampa show she wanted to go 3 hours before it started. Now I was never a fan of the group so I didn't know what to expect, but boy was it crazy. For a bunch of old guys they were entertaining. I think there was about 99% women all of which were in their 30's - 40's. But the show was not that bad. In Atlanta we had the best seats front row dead center, so my wife went absolutely nuts. If I hadn't gone with her I don't know what would have happened. Anyways I just wanted to catch people up with things we have done since the long time off I had. There are more stories to come. Here are some pictures.
If you want to see more you can look at you flickr page

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