Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Another one bites the dust

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Well yesterday another house bit the dust in our neighborhood. This time it went up in flames and huge flames at that.
As you can see this baby was engulfed and from what I hear it went up in a matter of minutes. This hosue was a few blocks down from mine and it was on 8th street, which is a commercial area. It was in pretty bad shape, because the owner had neglected it over the years. The police say they think it was arson. Hmmm I wonder who would want to set an old dilapidated house on fire that was insured??? Answers anyone?? But anyways we loose another old beauty in Springfield and gain another empty lot that will be used as a trash dump. Sad to see but that's what seems to happen here. A moment of silence please.

Restoration on 7th