Thursday, September 29, 2005

Holy CRAP!!!!!

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Holy CRAP!!!!!

When my boss told me that things always go wrong right after you buy a house, he was right. A few days ago, I noticed that the downstairs bathtub was backing up with water. So I took the plunger and stabbed it into the heart of the water a few times. That didn't seem to work. So I bought some Drano and poured it down the drain. All is well and the water receded. The next morning when I walked to the bathroom it was full of sludge like water! I couldn't believe it, again. So I left it as it was and went to work, when I came back home it was gone. I wasn't too sure what was going on, then it hit me, literally. My wife was upstairs and she was using the toilet, a few seconds after she flushed the toilet, it looked as if Old Faithful had come up in my bathroom. Now I knew what the problem was. I just didn't know exactly what it was. I knew that there must be a clog somewhere in my drain. Now the downstairs bathroom sits right next to the main sewer pipe, well I think that what it is. I took some more Drano type solutions and forced it down the drain. That didn't work. I plunged it 1,245,636 times and that didn't work. I bought a snake, auger, whatever it is and pushed that through the pipes, that didn't work either, but I could tell that there was something there. There was one point where the snake wouldn't go any farther and I couldn't seem to screw it through. When I pulled the snake back out I saw some roots on it, so it seems that tree roots have invaded my pipes. ARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHH! What to do what to do. I just hope that my pipes aren't totally screwed over. I don't have that kind of money to put in new sewer lines. I guess after all that hard work I will have to try and call a pro, boy do I hate having to do that. Of course I could always rent a power auger from Home Depot. Well I guess you will have to wait and see. If anyone has sugguestions please leave me a message. I need help. Holy Crap, literally.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Painter Debacle!

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Well by now I should have a gleaming newly painted house with a horrendous interior, but instead I have a horrendous interior and horrendous exterior to the nth degree. The story goes... my painter Enoch was suppose to strip and paint my house for an incredible deal of $5,000.00 and he said he would do it in a months time, the deal also included us paying him $1,000.00 for the first 2 weeks and then he would receive the remaining amount after the work was completed. The first two weeks were good he came on time and worked and made some progress on the stripping. Then came week 3, where he started not showing up and the work looked to remain the same. Remind you this was like 1 month ago since he last worked. We finally had a talk with him, since it was so hard getting in touch with him, and decided that my dog would do a better job at stripping and painting then he would.

Well now my house is half stripped and needs much attention. I only hope that I can continue with what is left and finish the job soon. Too bad I live in FLORIDA!!! Freakin A!!!! Well I guess I will have to wait til winter, where it gets to about 80 degrees. Haha. Other than that my wife has started on her garden, which I can't say is much, but at least she's trying and I am still working on our master bedroom. Seems to me like I have been stuck on 40% for 3 yrs, I need to start steppin'. Oh well at least I am having fun and finally have my first home... ever.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

We made it!!!!

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Well this morning when I woke up, we were both alive, no ghosts, robbers or murderers. So we made it past our first night!!!! Well the neighborhood isn't that bad, but we were concerned a little. I guess it helps when you have a big dog in the house and soon we will pick up the rest of our dogs and have a whole house security system. Our job today is to finish picking everything up and setting up our mock room. After that we will start finishing our master bedroom. But this post was to alert everyone that we were alive.

Our first night!

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Well we finally moved everything in today, except the dogs and cats. And what a surprise we got a new dog as well. He is a black lab and was roaming the streets, very tame and nice. He must have had a previous owner because he knew the commands 'come' and 'sit', but looks to have been out on the streets for awhile, because he had no tag and was so hungry (he practically ate a whole bag of cat food). Anyways here are a couple pictures of our mock room while we are still working on our master bedroom. Now we can put more time into our home. Hope this helps our renovations a lot quicker.

And another note, our painting is on hiatus as of right now, some issues with the workers and money plus a little bit of reliability issues.

Anyways here are the pictures, we named the new dog Charlie, hes a great black lab (I think thats what he is, hes sleeping in this picture since it's 1:40 in the morning)

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Moving day is near!

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Well last weekend Lita and I rented a Budget truck (U-Haul sucks!) and moved everything heavy and big into the house. It was a real big task, but we had our downstairs neighbor help us. The real news is that this weekend we will have finally moved everything into the house and will be our first night there. What to expect? I don't know, maybe some ghosts, dirty clothes, the smell of an old house, I'm not sure but we're very excited, well besides the ghost thing. We still got a long ways before our house is even close to being complete, but we're gonna take it slow. Hopefully by winter we can have the Master bedroom and finally have AC/Heat done. Until then we will be sleeping in raggedy room with sanded floors and no AC or heating. Hope the dogs won't mind. Well wish us luck cause I know we will need it.

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Some pictures uploaded

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:Here is a picture of the floors I have been sanding with a belt sander (It is actually a lot more better now)

:Here is me trying to take an early swim in our new clawfoot tub we bought for $100

:This is Lita taking a pose next to her new favorite toy

:This is the floor nearest the door, seems like it is a different type of wood, but I don't know what kind it is. The other wood is the picture underneath

:Here is the other type of wood, which I believe is pine. This one is way lighter than the other wood and a lot less character, but I don't care. That's what makes my house unique.

Will update more pictures when I can. Have fun with these!

Restoration on 7th