Saturday, July 29, 2006

Paint + Rust = Crap

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Well yesterday I was doing some caulking of exposed nail holes on my exterior siding. After I was done I saw that the front of the house where I had previously primed(which by the way is still unpainted because we can't decide on colors) has small little dots of rust coming through the primer from the nails behind them. At first I thought it was only a couple then that became a few, to some, then it seemed like all of them. Now should I resad those areas and then caulk them and prime them with oil primer instead? I used just regular water based Zinnser Bullseye or something from the HD. If that is not a good primer, than what should I have gotten. I'm afraid that everything I have done will be for nothing. AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! (Now turning green and my clothes are ripping from my body.... it would work, but I'm asian so back to my normal self). dang

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Revenge against the garbage monsters... well sort of

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Yesterday I was welcomed to the most beautiful sight of trash strewn across my front lawn. This is the first time it has happened to me, but I have seen it happen to others in my neighborhood. If you don't know already, I live in a area that is going through some gentrification, so we have some people that live here that are, how should I say it...... residentially challenged. They go around going through peoples trash and taking whatever they can to sell to make some drug/alcohol money. I'm sure some of you know exactly what I am talking about. Anywho, I decided to take revenge on these bastards. Now I don't mind people going through my trash to "salvage" something, but at least clean up the mess. So what I did was collect as much cat poo I could get from my 5 furry friends and I gently placed it between some goodies in the trash. I placed it outside and with a grin on my face I went back inside to sleep. Well this morning I woke up to find trash yet again piled on the lawn, but the weird thing was, the bag of cat poo I placed in the garbage was taken??? Now I don't know if I actually got the revenge I wanted, but I was both happy and grossed out. Well I just hope that whoever it was got the idea. If not I will have to keep my pitt outside and give them a bigger surprise.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Mount Dora, Florida

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Well this has been my first post since the last millenia, but anyways here I am. Been a bit busy the last month, hence the reason I haven't written anything, but this past weekend Lita and I went down to Mount Dora.

For about the last year or so, Lita has been bugging me to go to Mount Dora. How she even heard of this place is unknown to me, but I always blame it on my chihuahua Peanut. So it's his fault. She had been talking about this place non stop everyday it seemed, always asking me if we could go there, but I just didn't like the idea of driving 2.5 hours just to look at some antiques. From what I heard it was a big haven for antique collectors and such. So this past weekend we decided to go, it worked well with the work meeting I had in Orlando. Now hearing about Mount Dora so much, I had amental image of some kind of grand place full of anitque stores and old homes, but as we were coming closer and closer all I saw was grass and cows. It sure wasn't the grandest old town I thought. But it did have some very nice areas. The downtown area of Mount Dora was wonderful, it is set right on the edge of Lake Dora and the town is set on a hill overlooking the water. The town didn't have many old homes that I could see, they did have one that was huge, but we weren't able to get a tour of it. The shops were nice and what you would expect from an older downtown area. But the main reason we came, was the Renningers Flea and Antique Market. Now that place is what puts Mount Dora on the map. It was the largest flea market I had ever been to and had many awesome things, too bad we didn't have the money to buy much, but Lita did find a few nick nacks to buy and we had a great time talking to people and looking at stuff. We also got a few ideas from the things they did have and hope we can incoperate that into our house, whenever it is finished. I would highly recommend going to Mount Dora and having a look around the antique market and the downtown area, other than that it is really bland, but it was worth seeing the smile on Lita's face. Maybe we can go there again sometime soon and bring more money.

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