Monday, August 21, 2006

I hate carpet

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I'm sure all of you agree with the title of this post. As being owners of historic homes, one of the worst things to see when you buy one of these beaut's is carpet over the original hardwood floor. I had taken out all the carpet in the house so far except the dining room. That's where the fridge and wall oven are located at this moment. Well, I decided to rip up at least part of the carpet and see what was underneath. This is what I found:

Looks like more and more of those damn laminate tiles. But the one good thing is that they come off a lot easier than the ones in the living room did. I did find out that my floors are not in the best shape ever. There is termite damage and when they put the laminate on, it seems like they had to really heat up the surface. So the woor floors look like they got burnt. I hope that, that isn't the case and it's just the adhesive they used. I can't wait to get all this carpet outta here. I HATE CARPET!!!

Thursday, August 17, 2006

For Sale Buy Owner

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Yesterday after taking a look at the burned down house I decided to ride around the neighborhood looking for scraps of heartpine flooring or anything that some renovator was throwing out, like a vintage sink I found a few weeks back (I'll post pics of that later). As I was riding I saw a lot of houses that were for sale but ones that I never saw on the mls listing. Of course the reason why, was because they were all being sold by owner. After I rode by a few I figured I might as well take pictures of these houses and post them online. Maybe I will be fruitful in driving some interest into Springfield. I would at least be happy to see more 'normal' people, than the crazy ones. Here are some pictures:

This house needs some real TLC, but it looks like it would be a wonderful house.

Me and Lita actually looked at this house about 2 years ago. Looks nice outside, but the inside needs some serious work.

Another house that we looked at. Was in way better shape when we took a look, even though it was still in shambles. Had nice coffer ceiling and detail.

Another nice renovated home, only problem is that it is right across the street from a school.

Good looking house, I wonder how much they want?

Nice looking Spanish style home, I know Lita likes it.

This one was on the mls listing, but they wanted a lot of money for it. I bet they still do.

Another one for you DIYer's out there. This house would look great if done properly.

This one looked like it had been partially burned at one point, but it may still be salvageable. This is for you major DIYer's with big paychecks.

Another one of these victorianesque homes. I've seen the sign up for this one for a long time.

A small bungalow type home. I believe it is right across the street from the one above.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

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Well today I worked on prepping the living room walls to be ready to paint this weekend, but after all the sanding and filling of holes I took a bike break. I decided to ride around and take a picture of the house that burned down a few days ago. I remember when Lita and I were thinking about this house. We saw the For Sale sign out front and gave the number a call. The man on the phone was asking for way too much, so we passed on it. I guess good thing we did. It was a great looking victorian house too. Now it's just the next in line to be demolished. It's a sad thing to see these 'ol beauty's go. I've already seen a few in the area that will be or have been torned down because of fires. I'm guessing it's because of faulty knob and tube wiring, or faulty crack head neighbors trying to rid of us sane humans.


Nice, huh? Did someone go get those damn marshmallows????

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