Sunday, October 04, 2009

Insulation question

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I am redoing the walls in the downstairs room and have a question for everyone. But first here is the situation. I have torn out the plaster walls in the room and know that insulation is a good idea, but what kind of insulation should I use? Since my house is built in 1909 I'm sure the requirements for this type of house is much different than a newly built house. Should I use kraft paper face insulation, just regular unfaced insulation, should I use a vapor barrier? I have read many different ideas on what is good and bad. I know my siding lets in air for circulation and I live in Florida which is always humid, so I have read that a vapor barrier may not be good, because it could trap moisture, but would the kraft faced paper do the same? Would it be smart just to use the unfaced insulation? You'd think something like this would be straight forward, but I have been finding out with old houses, nothing is.

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