Thursday, March 16, 2006

Painting at a halt

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Well since last weekend when I first put on the primer I haven't been able to prime anything else. Of course the weather has to do something with that. Why is it that every time you plan on doing something that Mother Nature has to rear her ugly head? Oh well, I think I might have a few nice days this week, so I will let the siding dry some before I put on the primer. In the mean time I did perfect scraping out the corners and getting all the old caulk out of the siding from my second floor. It's amazing how an old house will turn your fear of heights into nothing. I risk my life on the porch roof just to scrape out some caulk. I can't wait til I have to paint up there. One dilemna I am going to face is how I am going to paint the right side of my house. I have a chain link fence that is about 3-4 feet from the house. I'm not sure if a rented scaffolding will fit inbetween that space. I hope it does, because I wouldn't want to try scraping and painting off of a ladder.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Painting has begun

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Well not that much painting. As I have stated in a previous post a long time ago. I had a painter come strip my house and paint it for a fee of $5,000.00. Well as all of you may know, he got paid $2,000.00 and then basically did diddly squat. He stripped some of my house but did it half-assed. Basically I ended up finding out that he was actually working on someone elses house when he was suppose to be working on mine. So long story short, if your asian and the guy that's working for you is asian. Don't fall for the "since we're both asian, I'll give you a deal" crap. I'm sure it works with other races as well. Anyways I decided to start on the stripping and painting myself, especially since the weather has been kind to me. I sanded and caulked and cleaned the front of my house (well the wall that is under the front porch at least) and put on the primer. All I can say is that it looks so good white. We were so used to the faded green brown color that was stained on the wood that the white just looked gorgeous. Another thing I found out, painting with a paint brush is brutal hell! I never thought that painting would hurt so much. Now I am dreading having to go on a ladder and scaffolding to paint. I know that spraying paint is easier, but heard that the paint doesn't hold up well. I wonder if rolling the paint on the siding is better?
Oh well, I will post pictures when I have one whole wall with trim all painted.

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