Friday, February 23, 2007

Vagrants, Homeless and Bums Oh My!!!

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If you live in a historic neighborhood which is coming up from the dumps, then you know what I am talking about. The vagrants that walk around your neighborhood looking for something to pawn. When I saw looking for something to pawn, I mean stuff that is mine!!! If you haven't read before some trash stole my little giant type ladder from me after I had left it out one day. Now let me tell you about this. This act of craziness makes me more mad then when my ladder was stolen. Here we go:

For the past year I have gotten into the hobby of gardening. Now I'm not a good one, but I have successfully grown peppers and stuff. So I went to Wal-mart to buy some garden supplies, pots, plants and a bag of soil. Went back home and opened the bag of soil, put the soil in the pots, put the plants in the pots and added water. Voila! simple gardening. Now tell me what you think these retards stole from me.....


Do you believe that? I went out the next day to go to work and noticed that something was wrong. I couldn't put my finger on it and then BAMM, my dirt, my DIRT, MY DIRT! You have got to be kidding me. They left everything else there that had monetary value. I even strategically placed a printer out on my porch, knowing that if it's in the trash it won't get taken as fast, BUT if you put it on your porch, you can damn well be sure it will be gone in the next 5 minutes. They skipped that and went for the dirt. I don't know what pawn shop would buy it or what person they would try to sell it too. It's just crazy. How the hell do you even think of doing that?? Anyways I at least got my strawberries planted before they stole the dirt. Damn them.

Oh yea, does anyone know of a way to construct a gate that will open when someone steps onto my porch? I know it would have to deal with lasers and such, but I am fostering a pitbull and would like to make use of her while I have her. The joy I would have to see their crack addicted ass running down the street with a black pit chasing them. I can only dream.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Question about wood floor refinishing... Damn animals!

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Well I have decided that moving into the master bedroom is a must now. We have lived in the small guest bedroom ever since we moved into our house. The room is painted and livable, but the question I have is, "What should I cover my floors with?". I know a lot of people would sugguest polyurethane. And I bet that is a good solution, but listen to me first. I have 5 dogs, ranging from 3 tiny chihuahuas and 2 big black labs. They do a number to my floors everyday and with poly I am afraid that I will have to refinish every few year. I know the plus side is that it is very durable, but then the bad is that you can not fix it after it has been damaged. I have read a lot about shellac and have written a few things about it on my blog. The plus is that it is easy to spot repair and dries a lot faster, the bad is that it is easily damaged. I won't even go into the n-th number of other floor finishes either. So if you could please put your input on what I should use. I will take what you say and make my decisions.

Remember: I do have to stay in the house as the floors are being refinished. Please help. Thanks so much.

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