Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Dire situation in Springfield!!!

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As some (hopefully all) of you know, I live in Jacksonville, Florida in an area called Springfield. Springfield is Jacksonville's oldest subdivision, right on the edges of downtown. Here we have a beautiful view of the city and only a couple minutes away from the St. John's River. Over the long history of Springfield, there have been good and bad times, but over the last few years new residents have moved in and started the revitalization process of Springfield.

In Springfield we have a Historic Jewish Center that has been abandoned for quite some time. The issue with the Springfield residents is that it is being awarded to River Regions Human Services, to be used as a facility to treat people with drug addictions, debilitating mental disorders, and those who are involved in anti-social and criminal activities. Now I'm not saying that River Regions is a bad organization, because the do a great service in helping poeple with needs. The problem I do see is that they are trying to establish this organization in a residential area that has been hard at work to revitalize and reverse the bad rep that it has aquired throughout the years. Now there has been a public outcry on this situation and it has been in the news, but it looks that the government is going to award them with the building. The only fire we have to this situation is that the Mayor and the city is backing the people of Springfield in not giving River Regions the permit it needs to do work on the building. We still have hope and wish that everyone will be able to help our sub-division in fighting this and help River Regions find a more suitable building.

Thank you for your time and help.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Gary from This Old Crack House is a Godsend!

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Well this is actually old news, but I had been looking a some clawfeet for my newest clawfoot tub. I got it free, but with no feet but who am I to complain. Anyways I went to the salvage yard and they had a plethora of feet to choose from, the only exception was that I had to buy a tub to get the feet. Oh well, I have 2 already I don't need 3. So I put a post on my bolg and low and behold a savior came. His name is Gary and he sent me 4 wonderful feet for my tub, I am pretty sure they will fit, but I haven't had the chance to put them on because I have loads of junk in my tub and my 4 cats love using it as their sleeping quarters. Here are the pictures of the feet (I didn't actually take these, Gary sent them to me so I could see what they look like)

Thanks a lot to Gary!!!!!!!


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