Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Audrey's first plane trip to New York

Posted by Peter at Wednesday, May 05, 2010
Well this past week was Audrey's 100th (Baek Il) day. In Korea, the baby's 100th day is a very special day of celebration because a long time ago if a baby made it past 100 days than their chances of survival was very good. So to celebrate Audrey's 100th day we went to visit with family in New York.

We were a little scared with how Audrey would do on the plane, but as you can see she did pretty darn well.
The trip wasn't too bad and she mainly just slept the whole way.

We arrive on Thursday night and ate with my parents, who of course were delighted to finally see their first grandchild. The celebration was going to be on Saturday, so on Friday we went to the city to walk about and 'look at stuff'... the stuff we looked at were fabric shops that my wife was dying to go see. She literally spent all day in the Fashion District looking at fabric. But of course I took some pictures while waiting.

On Saturday everyone came over and took pictures with Audrey and then we placed her in front of the rice cake (duk in Korean) and took pictures while she was still in a good mood. After that we let her sleep and we feasted on ribs and crab legs and other stuff. It was a good day and was great to have almost the whole family together. I'm just glad that everything went fairly well and that my grandma was able to see her.

Now only 265 more days until her big, big, big celebration.. 1 year.

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